Marvellous Minnow


Swim to win!  Or for swimmers who are winners!

Minnows are small fish but they have much to be proud of! They can live in oceans, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, bogs and swamps! Some swim in schools, some are loners! This little minnow has a beautiful shiny silver underbelly and appealing eyes. He’d make an ideal gift for someone who has just passed a swimming test, and with your personal message tied round him, he can deliver it himself!  You’ll be surprised at the numbers of reasons you could find to send this little wriggler!  He’s 18cm long and comes in our medium sized box.

Message Medal Ideas
  • Small but beautifully formed
  • Just a little something to say…
  • Let minnow if you miss me!
  • Let minnow if I can help!

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More Details

Sending a marvellous minnow as a gift opens up a huge range of funny messages for you (see our suggestions!).  At 18cm, he’s larger than your average minnow!

Our Message Medal

Our Message Medals are made of thick card and come in three colours - pinkgrey and blue. Once you have written your message, we print it on the back of the message medal and attach it to your chosen cuddly.




Our Chocolate

Make your gift extra special by adding chocolate! Choose from a Happy Jackson "Queen of Awesomeness" Milk chocolate 100g bar, a whopping 180g Tony's Chocolonely Hazelnut Milk chocolate bar, Pink Champagne Truffles,  or if chocolate's not your bag we have Gourmet Jelly Beans which are Gluten, Gelatine and Nut Free and suitable for Vegetarians as well as being made with all natural flavours!

 Tony's Chocolonely
Milk Chocolate
Hazelnut 180g

Belgium Milk Chocolate - Send a Cuddly

 Queen of Awesomeness
Milk Chocolate 100g

Yumptious Bar
of Awesome Milk 100g

Jelly bean tube gift

Gourmet Jelly
Bean Tube. 36 Flavours

Squidgy Chocolate

Raspberries and Cream
El Blanco from Willie’s Cacao

Our Gift Boxes

Do you want your gift to be even more special? We have some great gift box options for you to choose from, all of which you'll find in your basket.  We have a fabulous box, complete with red or white ribbon which has the bow tied on the outside. They won't know what is inside until they untie that ribbon! For those that wish for their gift to be proudly presented we have a luxury windowed box with magnetic closure, and the cuddly is tied in  place - perfect for displaying any cuddly received!

 Gift Box with
Ribbon and Tag

 Window Box
with Magnetic Closure

Additional information


Suitable from age 3 years

Cuddly Care

Surface Washable


Remove all ribbons and tags before giving to a child.


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