Welcome and Hello!

We thought you might like to meet the team and know a little bit more about the beginnings of Send a Cuddly.

“We” are Bella and Emma, friends and professional colleagues who have worked on and off together for 20 years in catalogue and online businesses. We are fortunate to be based in glorious Devon so we live and work amidst scenery of rolling hills, with cows, sheep and wildlife – and a beautiful coastline too!

We came up with the Send a Cuddly concept as we found we needed to express thanks and consolation in a way that no other present seemed to do. We also believe in the power of the hug but what do you do if you can’t be there in person? This is when we realised the simple empathy you can show by sending a soft toy to a friend or loved one.

Flowers are not always the answer.

Apart from flowers, what else do you give to someone who has had a sadness in the family? What better way to show you are thinking of them than giving a soft toy with a heartfelt message? We realised that there were also so many celebrations and happy occasions too where a cuddly character can say it all.

So this is what we set out to do:

To create a website with a great selection of cuddly characters for all ages and every occasion where you can have your cuddly wonderfully packaged and delivered with an inspired personal message.

Our service revolves around our unique “What do you want to say?” concept. We try to offer humorous or erudite message suggestions to go with the soft toys and match the occasion you are looking for. What better Valentine’s present than a bat sent with an “I’m batty about you!” message!?

We are sure you will come up with your own witty captions. Feel free to inspire others by sharing them with us on our social media!

Our Message Medals.

We nearly forgot to mention our final plus point! Our Message Medal. Each cuddly is sent with a special circular card with your message printed on it. The medal is made of thick, really chunky card, based on the lapel badges you get at the horse races. This makes sure that your message is presented in the utmost style and we hope the recipients will keep the medal.

We are always keen to receive feedback. Send-a-Cuddly is new and exciting but we do want to add to the range and bring new features to make the whole experience truly inspirational. If there are any particular soft toys that you think we should offer, please let us know and we will try and find the elusive characters to add to the range. Our email is: all-ears@sendacuddly.co.uk

With best wishes,

Bella x   Emma x

Message Medals - Send a Cuddly