How It Works

What’s the Occasion

Whatever the occasion or maybe you just want to say hello, your message will be appreciated even more if it arrives with one of our soft toys. There are so many times when we would like our friends and family to know we are thinking of them and what better way than for them to receive a cute and cuddly toy, beautifully boxed with your personal message?

It’s a great way to send your Sympathy, say “Get Well Soon”, or “We’re thinking of you” and a wonderfully different way to say “Congratulations!”, “You passed!”,Happy Birthday!” Or just “Well done”.

We have fantastic gift ideas for Birthdays, Anniversaries, a New Baby, Moving House, Engagements, Sad News, Congratulations, Christmas and Easter presents to name just a few. We have tried hard to make sure we can help with any special occasion and have everything from the softest new baby toys to the funniest Einstein soft toy and even a cuddly garden gnome! Whatever you would like to say – we have something you can say it with.

We came up with the Send-a-Cuddly concept as we found we needed to express thanks and consolation in a way that no other present seemed to do. We also believe in the power of the hug but what do you do if you can’t be there in person? This is when we realised the simple empathy you can show by sending a soft toy to a friend or loved one.

Choose Your Cuddly

This is where you can use our different tools to find the perfect cuddly to send. At the top of the page you can choose to search in different ways for your ideal gift. If you choose ‘What do you want to Say’ you will find a list of different messages where we can inspire you. For example: “Happy Valentines”, “Bon Voyage”, “Sending you Bear Hugs” or “Welcome to the World Baby”.

Or you can search using our Special Occasion button and find the cuddlies we suggest would be most fitting for the event – whether it is a happy or sad occasion, we help you find something appropriate. You might be looking for wedding teddy bears or Mother’s Day gifts – we have it sorted!

If you look at “Choose by Type”, here you can get quickly to the different groups of cuddlies – so you could choose Jungle Animals or Christmas Soft Toys, Quirky or Teddy Bear Gifts, and we will get you speedily to the right place on the website. Then you can find a Birthday Bear or maybe a Father’s Day Fox. If you know exactly what you are looking for then please type in the search box and we can take you straight to your lion, snake, personalised teddy bears or mermaid. If you are looking for something specific and we don’t seem to have it – please do telephone 01548 831070 or email us and if we can get it for you – we will!

Lastly, if you know how much you are looking to spend, we have sorted our soft toys into price so you can get something within your range. Our characterful cuddlies start at £8.95 and go up to £89.

Write Your Personal Message

Once you have chosen your cuddly, it’s time to write that all important message. You can choose a pink, blue or neutral grey message medal – which is a very thick card disc, and we will print your personal message on the back of it and attach the medal to the soft toy. Although we give you ideas for your message, you can write anything you want and ignore us if you don’t like our suggestions! We promise not to be offended! The message medal measures 6.5cm diameter or approx. 2.5 inches. The maximum number of letters and spaces we can fit on the medal is 160.