Crochet Pirate


A Gift straight from the ‘Heartie’!

Our crochet Pirate doll makes a wonderful gift for all ages , especially young children! Get ready to send someone on a swashbuckling adventure with this super-cute and cuddly crocheted companion. Our crochet Pirate soft toy is not only handmade but Fairtrade, making it a wonderfully thoughtful gift, and something that will be cherished forever!

So, send our crochet pirate today and make someone say oooh-arrrrr with happiness. Height approximately 33cm tall.  Suitable from Birth. Machine washable and 100% handmade!


Message Medal Ideas
  • Ha, ha, me hearties
  • If you lock your heart away, you’ll lose it for certain
  • Always be yourself – unless you can be a pirate!
  • I love you with all me Hearties!

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Seasalt Truffles

Sea Salt Praline Truffles
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Suitable from birth

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Surface Washable


Remove all ribbons and tags before giving to a child.