Steiff Peter Rabbit


Once upon a time there were four little rabbits…

The beloved classic character Peter Rabbit was brought to life in an all-new live-action film based on the series of books written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. Steiff have made this wonderful character into a fantastic collectible toy. Although it’s not suitable for babies to play with, Peter Rabbit makes a fabulous Christening or special occasion gift.  Peter Rabbit is 30cm tall and is 3-way jointed (you can move his arms and head). He has lovely pink lined ears and proper bunny feet! He has been sewn from three types of luxurious fur. A cocoa tipped brown, creamy white and a smooth peachy for his inner ears. He has glossy two-tone brown safety eyes, thread whiskers and a nose which has been airbrushed by hand.  He is wearing his classic blue collared jacket with three embroidered, gold buttons. A truly amazing Peter Rabbit and he does of course have the Steiff Gold Button in his ear as a mark of quality and authenticity.

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  • Even the smallest one can change the world
  • Now run along and don’t get into any mischief!
  • Some bunny loves you!
  • Hoppy Birthday

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