Cane Corso Soft Toy Dog


Our Cane Corso pup- a protective companion!

This beautiful looking dog is an Italian breed of Mastiff.  They have a short, dense and lustrous coat and can be black or various shades of grey, fawn or brindle. Sometimes with small white markings on the chest, the feet or the nose. Perfect for sending to Cane Corso lovers.

Our black Cane Cosro is 30cm tall  and can be sent with your personalised message medal as standard  and you can add our special Send a Cuddly gift box with different coloured ribbons. Suitable for ages 2 and up.

  • Life is better with a Cane Corso
  • You’re Pawesome!
  • Woofing you were here…
  • Sorry you’re feeling ruff!
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Our Message Medal

Our Message Medals are made of thick card and come in three colours - pinkgrey and blue. Once you have written your message, we print it on the back of the message medal and attach it to your chosen cuddly.

Message Medals - Send a Cuddly

Message Medals

Send a Cuddly Greetings Card

“Sent with Love” greetings card - send us an email or give us a call if you'd prefer a card.

Our Chocolate and other lovely things to add in!

Make your gift extra special by adding delicious chocolate or sweets.

I Love You Box of Praline Hearts

Jelly bean tube gift

Jelly Bean Factory Gourmet Beans

NHM Fruity Dinosaur Sweets

Natural History Museum Fruity Jelly Dinosaurs

I Love You Chocolate Praline 45g bar

Tony's Milk Chocolate Bar 50g

Our Gift Box and Ribbons

Do you want your gift to be even more special? Why not add our luxury white gift box with a choice of different coloured ribbons? They won't know what is inside until they untie that ribbon!

Send a Cuddly Ribbon Choices
Christmas Ribbon

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2 years and up.

Cuddly Care

Surface Washable


Remove all ribbons and tags before giving to a child.