Jellycat Perry Polar Bear


A Beary Ice Cool Gift!

Do you know someone who needs a cool hug?  Perry the Polar Bear is ready to give you the cosiest hug in the North Pole! With dreamy creamy snuggly fur and soft black nose he is hard to resist. Perry Polar Bear comes with your personalised message medal as standard with the option to add a special Send a Cuddly luxury gift box with choice of ribbon colours.

36cm tall.  Suitable from birth but do not leave in a cot or crib. Hand wash only.
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Message Medal Ideas
  • You’re cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails
  • You need a bear hug!
  • Take it easy and do the bear minimum!
  • You’re un-bearably cool.

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Add a Gift Box and Ribbon?

Our Premium Service. Wrapped with tissue paper in our magnetic closure box, finished with a bow of your choice. See all Ribbons

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Our Message Medal

Our Message Medals are made of thick card and come in three colours - pinkgrey and blue. Once you have written your message, we print it on the back of the message medal and attach it to your chosen cuddly.

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Our Chocolate

Make your gift extra special by adding chocolate!

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I Love You Toblerone

 "I Love You", "Happy Birthday" and "Sending Hugs" Message Toblerones

Our Gift Box and Ribbons

Do you want your gift to be even more special? Why not add our luxury white gift box with a choice of different coloured ribbons? Choose from white, red, pink, blue, and tartan, as well as special seasonal ribbons. They won't know what is inside until they untie that ribbon!

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Suitable from birth

Cuddly Care

Surface Washable


Remove all ribbons and tags before giving to a child.


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