A cuddle for you, and for the planet

The cuddlies in this collection are extra special. Not only do they make gorgeously squishy companions, but they’re made from recycled plastic bottles – so they’re helping to make the world a better place all around.

They may feel soft and plush, but these little fellas are helping to keep our seas free from plastic. If you know someone who’s passionate about keeping the seas plastic-free, send them a cuddly that’s already played his part in the cause. Or, set a great example to the little person in your life with a gift that makes a difference to the planet as well as to their day.

These eco cuddlies are helping to keep our planet beautiful by recycling plastic into something that will be loved for years to come…no wonder they’re making waves!

To help you find the perfect cuddly for your good old mum, here are just a few of our most popular fluffy friends…

Seahorse Ecoplush

Say hello to this friendly Seahorse Ecoplush, created from 7 recycled plastic bottles. This little eco-hero is made from beautiful emerald-green plush, complete with dainty embroidery and a corded tummy and fin. He’s always happy to snuggle and the perfect shape for small arms to give him big hugs!

Seahorse Ecoplush is suitable for children aged 2 years and over, so he’s the perfect way to tell the story of our oceans. Bring the fight against plastic to life by making Seahorse explain how he came to be, setting a great example to budding beach lovers when it’s storytime before bed. He may be soft enough to sleep on, but Seahorse is saving the planet from unwanted plastic.

Personalise your cuddly by picking out a ribbon in a colour of your choice and adding your own message to a medallion. Seahorse can be hand washed if sticky fingers hug him a little too eagerly.

Fish Ecoplush

Allow us to introduce Fish Ecoplush. With a round, huggable body and a friendly face, this fishy friend makes a comfy pillow and cuddle buddy. With bright red and yellow colouring, he’s perfect for anyone from 0 years and up, and he makes a lovely addition to a nursery or playroom. Naptime will be more fun than ever with this little guy as their pillow!

You’d never guess that Fish Ecoplush is made from 13 recycled plastic bottles, so he’s setting a great example to us all about plastic-free living. Pick your message medal in their favourite colour and personalise the gesture with your own message for Fish’s medallion. Whether you go for “just keep swimming” or “you’re the cutest fish in the sea”, Fish Ecoplush will brighten anyone’s day with his arrival. This cuddly can be hand washed too – hurray.

Orangutan Soft Toy

The perfect cuddly for your favourite little monkey, our Orangutan Soft Toy makes a fabulous surprise for any occasion. Whether it’s their birthday, because they’ve done well at school or you just want to make them smile until you see them next, this amiable cuddly is keen to be firm friends.

Better yet, Orangutan is made completely from recycled plastic bottles. You’d never tell by how soft he is, but he’s made completely from unwanted plastic that could otherwise be clogging our seas. That means he’s doing his bit for the planet just by sitting there and looking huggable, and we think that makes him king of any jungle!

There’s never been a better time to get little ones thinking about plastic usage and the environment, and we love the way Orangutan helps start that chat without making things feel too daunting. This cuddly chap measures 25cm high when he’s sitting, patiently waiting for his next snuggle session. Don’t forget to personalise your gift with a message for his medallion, and we insist that you use at least one monkey pun! Bananas not included.

Starfish Ecoplush

How pretty is our Starfish Ecoplush cuddly? With coral pink plush, this irresistible soft toy has shiny embroidered eyes and little bubble details to look as though she’s really under the sea. Perfect for sleepy heads who love all things huggable, Starfish Ecoplush can also be used as a cushion. Take her on journeys to make that little someone in your life feel extra cosy, or just introduce her as a companion when it’s cuddle time.

It may be hard to believe, but Starfish is made from 11 recycled plastic bottles. That’s right, more than just a pretty face, she’s taken unwanted plastic and turned it into something positive. Now that’s a cuddly with a story.

Whether you send her for a birth so she can be a friend for life, or just to make your best little person feel extra special, we just know they’ll fall in love with this friendly fishy. Starfish Ecoplush is suitable from birth and can be hand washed in between cuddles. She measures 30cm wide.

Whale Ecoplush

What better way to surprise someone who loves the sea than with this gorgeous Whale Ecoplush? Not only is he lovely to look at and squishy to snuggle, but Mister Whale is made from 13 recycled plastic bottles. Every little one should have a cuddly toy that helps a cause, and this one has already had a positive impact on the planet even before he brightens someone’s day.

With soft grey plush and a creamy white underbelly, Whale Ecoplush is always keen to cosy up for a cuddle. Perfect to snuggle while watching Finding Nemo or their favourite ocean movie, this cuddly always makes a splash!

Don’t forget to personalise the message medal around his neck, and you can pick a ribbon in their favourite colour too. Whale is suitable for children aged 2 years and up, and he measures 35cm long and 20cm high.

We all know someone who deserves a special cuddly, and these guys make a splash for all the right reasons. So, which one will you send?