The Best Cuddlies For Birthdays

Is it us, or does it feel as though everyone has a birthday at this time of year? No sooner have we picked out one gift then we spot another big day looming on the calendar. There’s good news though, as our cuddlies make great birthday surprises for all ages. Young or old, everyone loves to receive a gorgeous cuddly with a personalised message on their big day.

If you’re stuck for ways to show your favourite person how special they are, why not send a cuddly for them to cherish? We know picking out the right pressie can be a tricky business, and we’ve got it covered. To help you choose the perfect pal for your loved one, we’ve rounded up some of our best-loved birthday cuddlies. These little guys never fail to make their new owners smile, so let’s take a look…

To help you find the perfect cuddly for your good old mum, here are just a few of our most popular fluffy friends…

Finley Teddy Bear

You’re never too old to befriend a teddy bear, and Finley makes the perfect companion. This furry little chap has a paunchy tummy (happens to the best of us!) and chunky legs. If you know a birthday boy or girl who deserves a big bear hug, Finley may just be their perfect cuddly.

With ruffly caramel fur and a friendly face, Finley will look great sat on the bed or their favourite chair in between cuddles. Finley’s part of the Jellycat range, so you can expect high quality and a gorgeous cuddly. At 43cm tall, he’s just big enough to give great hugs to that special someone.

Finlay will arrive in a gift box of your choice, and you can personalise the medal around his neck with your own special message. We love a gift that keeps on giving, and this classic teddy bear will raise a smile for years to come.

Green Knitted Diplodocus

It can be tricky thinking of birthday gifts for the person who has everything. Well, we bet they’ve never unwrapped a green knitted Diplodocus on their big day! We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this Jurassic cuddly, and he’s suitable for anyone from babies and upwards.

Diplodocus is bright green, so he adds a splash of cheery colour to any room. He’s tightly stuffed too, so he looks fabulous standing on an office desk or a shelf that needs brightening up. His smiling face makes him the perfect birthday cuddly, and he’s as popular with grown-ups as he with kids!

Our Green Knitted Diplodocus is around 29cm tall and 32cm wide, and each one is hand made. Add your personalised note to a medal on his neck, although we take no responsibility for age-related dinosaur jokes backfiring…

Hoppie Bunny by Steiff

Aaaaaaw, would you look at the little smile on Hoppie Bunny’s face. This Steiff Hoppie Bunny has soft, pale grey plush and she’s a brilliant cuddle buddy for all ages. Shiny black eyes and that little nose give her an adorable personality, and we love the fact that she’s a little on the posh side (she’s a real Steiff don’t you know).

We all have those friends or relatives who deserve spoiling on their big day, and just think how delighted they’ll be when Hoppie Bunny turns up. Make the moment extra special by adding a gift box or ribbon and add a special message to her medallion.

Thanks to beans in her bottom, Hoppie Bunny sits up nicely while she’s waiting patiently for cuddles. That means she’s great as a collectable as well as a huggable friend. Hoppie Bunny is 28cm tall, and she comes complete with a Steiff ear tag attached to one of her flopsy ears.

Wally Whale

For a birthday gift that makes a splash, Wally Whale is the perfect quirky cuddly. This gorgeous teal blue cuddly will guarantee your special someone has a whale of a time on their special day, and he’s just waiting to swim his way into their home. Ok, that’s all the whale puns we could think of…

Seriously though, Wally Whale is a popular cuddly with all ages. Suitable from birth, he’s just the right shape for a little one to snuggle up to, but he also looks fabulous displayed in pride of place on a shelf. With the message about looking after our seas more important than ever, we think our Wally is a poignant cuddly as well as a gorgeous one.

As with all our cuddlies, you can choose a gift box for him to make his big arrival even more momentous. Don’t forget to add a personalised message to his medallion, and we’ll forgive you if you pinch one or two of our whale puns.

Steiff Ming Panda

If you can’t be there to panda to them on their birthday, this cuddly is the next best thing! Our Steiff Ming Panda is as cute as he is cuddly, and he makes a lovely addition to any home. With the genuine Steiff tag on his ear, Ming Panda has an earnest expression that makes you just want to squeeze him.

A cute surprise for any birthday, Ming comes with a personalised medallion to display your own message. Whether you want to make them smile, show them you care or just make their big day unique, Ming is always a popular choice.

Why not go the extra mile and add a keepsake box to keep Ming safe? To make the surprise even more exciting for chocolate monsters, pop in some of our chocolate treats to complete their gift. For those of you who have never given the birthday gift of a cuddly panda and a yummy Toblerone, now’s your chance to shine.