Cuddlies to Cheer People Up

After months of Facetiming instead of hanging out and tagging memories instead of making them, it’s safe to say we all need a big old hug with our favourite people. Until we can put lockdown life firmly behind us, we have the perfect collection of cuddlies to keep your loved ones smiling.

Whether it’s the partner you haven’t been able to hug or the friends you just miss sitting on your sofa, there’s a cuddly waiting to make their day. Check out a few of our favourites…

Daisy Runner Duck

Allow us to introduce the delightful Daisy Runner Duck. With a friendly face and those eager little eyes, Daisy is a smile waiting to happen. Her seriously strokable grey-blue plush makes her the perfect companion for all ages.

We can already picture grans cooking dinners while Daisy watches from the windowsill, or mums watching Netflix with Daisy sat proudly beside them. Wherever she ends up, we know this plucky little cuddly will look just fab. Daisy is suitable from birth, and she can be hand washed in between cuddles. Daisy is ready to run her way into a loving new home, and what better way to thank your lockdown loved one for all their support?


If this little monkey face doesn’t send you bananas then we don’t know what will. Our Orangutan cuddly isn’t just a pretty face though, he’s made from 100% recycled bottles. Yep, that’s right. Our gorgeous prime-mate here is doing his bit for the planet just by sitting there looking lovely. Even better, Orangutan is so soft and huggable you would never suspect he’s made from anything other than lovely fluff. He really is one of the fluffiest cuddlies around!

If there’s a little lad who you can’t wait to squish, or a supportive dad who deserves a buddy, Orangutan is up for the job. Like all our cuddlies, Orangutan will come with a personalised message on a medallion, so you can add your own touch to him before he sets off to his new habitat.

Orangutan Soft Toy Send a Cuddly

Large Orange Knitted Diplodocus

Nothing says “I love you” like an orange knitted dinosaur, and how fantastic is this dino dude? Big, bright and cuddly, Diplodocus is enough to chase away the lockdown gloom any day of the week. This fairtrade cuddly is suitable for anyone from babies upwards. That means he could be on his way to your brother, bestie, partner or grandad before you can say “Jurassic Park”.

If you’re going to send a smile, you may as well go big. We’re fairly confident everyone remembers the moment they unwrap a large diplodocus, and we say let’s make it happen. Diplodocus is machine washable, and he makes a friendly addition to any family. Because Diplodocus is handmade, sizes can vary slightly, but he is approximately 36cm tall and 40cm wide. This is one of our biggest and brightest cuddlies!

Jellycat Fletcher Teddy Bear

Everyone needs that one faithful teddy bear in their corner, and Fletcher Teddy Bear fits the bill perfectly. With an endearing little paunch and chunky legs, Fletcher makes a fab cuddle buddy when we can’t be with our favourite people. If you know someone who’s starting to lose their shine during these testing times, add a little magic to their day with their very own cuddly bear.

Ruffly biscuit fur makes Fletcher as soft as he is squidgy, and we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this little guy turning up at their home. A guaranteed way to show someone special how much you care, he’ll keep them feeling beary happy until lockdown finally lifts and you can see them in person. Add a gift box to your order to make the arrival of Fletcher even more special, and don’t forget to add a smushy personalised message on his medal. If you do, bear puns are compulsory of course…

Yellow Labrador

Something about a Labrador just makes us feel instantly happy, and that’s the exact effect the Loveable Labrador Pup will have. With his shiny eyes and hapless expression, this four-legged bundle of happiness will brighten the rest of lockdown for your recipient. A lovely cuddly to show them you’re thinking of them, this lifelike pup makes a for a faithful companion to keep your loved one company.

At 23cm tall, Pup is just big enough to have serious hugability. So, if you want to keep someone smiling until you’re back together and making new memories, choose your personalised message and get Pup on his way. For a special touch, add a presentation box when you place your order too.

Fingers crossed it won’t be too long until things are a little more normal, but until then, our cuddlies are the perfect way to stay connected with your nearest and dearest. Just pick your favourite, add a personalised message and get ready to make someone smile!