Choosing The Best Thank You Gift To Send

Choosing the best thank you gifts to send can be quite daunting at first, but with our range of soft toy gifts, you can be certain to find a gift to show your gratitude.

Whether you are sending a personal gift to a friend who has been very supportive, or a present to a work colleague for help with a report, we have a cuddly collection of thanks in stock and ready to be sent out.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how to say thanks with Send a Cuddly.

A Friendly Thank you.

Friends are always there for us unconditionally, but sometimes it’s nice to give someone a present that conveys your gratitude with style. As the well-known song by Queen goes, “friends will be friends” – we know our friends so well, we can send a message and a cuddly that is both personalised and symbolic.

For friends who love cute and cuddly animals, one of our dogs or cats could be the perfect thank you gift. Who wouldn’t want to open a gift box and find a gorgeous yellow Labrador staring up at them with a message medal saying “You’re Ggrrrr-eat! Thank you so much x”.

A traditional Teddy Bear is another of our products that can spell out your THANKS in any language, and can melt hearts with a carefully chosen message medal. Whether you choose a Silver Tag Bear such as Amelia or a less expensive (though still just as cuddly!) Thomas bear, you will be sharing your appreciation of someone in the form of a gift that will bring back memories for years to come.

A Thank you that works.

Looking for a thank you gift for a work colleague? We have plenty of options that will not only show that you are grateful for their help, but also that you have great taste! Sending a workmate a Wise Wizard Owl will show them that you think they have done a great job and are clearly far too intelligent for their own good!

Our Little Thinkers collection has plenty of famous and quirky personalities that are perfect for celebrating and saying thanks with. Imagine sending Charles Dickens as a thank you to someone who has written the perfect report! Or maybe even Ludwig van Beethoven, for a worker who has done well and “Brought music to your ears”. The possibilities are endless with the Little Thinkers dolls and the messages that they could be sent with.

Wedding Thanks.

Weddings may be a time for receiving gifts, but it’s also a time for thanking friends and family for their help and support. So here are just a few ‘Thank you’ Gifts that we are sure you will agree, are perfect for thanking bridesmaids, wedding organisers, ushers & Page boys.

If you are looking to buy thank you gifts for a wedding entourage, Send a Cuddly is the perfect choice, with easy ordering and quick delivery.  We have Mermaids that will compliment a message such as ‘You made a splash today, thanks for being my bridesmaid’, Polar bears that offer bear hugs for bridesmaids, or of course we have traditional Teds, all beautifully boxed.

You can order our wedding thank you gifts with ease and well in advance, leaving you to enjoy and prepare for your nuptials.

Take a look below at a small selection of our Wedding gifts, click here to view the entire collection.

Delivering Gratitude.

Rest assured however you say thank you, you can be assured that your gift will be delivered, arrive on time, beautifully boxed and containing your personal message.

Don’t just say thank you, Send a Cuddly.

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