10 things only a Teddy bear owner will understand

It doesn’t matter what we call them – teddy bears, teddies, bears, stuffed toys or even stuffed animals! We all love our Cuddly Best Friends, no matter what our age. The truth is, though, there are some things that those who have never been lucky enough to own a teddy just won’t understand. Take a look at our “bear essential” list below and find out just how much you agree with us!

1. Teddy goes everywhere.

Whether we are 6 or 60, Teddy is always one of the first items to be packed and the first to be unpacked! There’s always room for our furry little friend, after all, he doesn’t weigh much does he?

2. A Teddy Bear helps in times of need.


When all looks doomed, we just need Teddy to make an appearance and everything seems to lift! Maybe in your younger years it worked a bit more effectively, but even in adult life, just having a bear within arm’s reach can offer support.

3. You can put your trust in Teddy.

Ted’s not going to leave you for someone else unless there’s a car boot sale mix up, ¬†so put your trust in the little furry guy and you can be sure that you’ll be together forever and ever.

4. Accept no substitutes.

Sometimes our doll or Teddy had to be washed, and sometimes it even vanished from existence. This was, of course, not the time to introduce a temporary replacement, nor was it the time to tell us we were getting too old for these kinds of things. Simply put, we knew the feel, the smell, and even the taste and nothing could compare or come close.

5. Teddy never needed a wash!

We all know the scenario – home from school and on the hunt for our bear shaped best-friend. Suddenly, we spot teddy on the radiator or washing line… we knew that teddy got even more cuddly the dirtier it got, but Mum just didn’t understand, eh?

6. No one borrows the bear!

Siblings may have been jealous of our pint-sized pal and there was no way that anyone else was getting their hands on our Teddy. Sometimes we’d even have to retreat to our rooms to keep the other youngsters from taking charge of our Teddies!

7. No-one speaks ill of Teddy!

Even when we were getting a bit older and a little bit more restrained about our public appearances with Teddy, we didn’t want to hear anyone dissing the bear. Once again siblings were the main perpetrators, following a lengthy row, parents would join in and start mediation procedures until any bruised egos were fixed.

8. No sleep until Teddy’s¬†ready!

Bedtime was one of the most important times when our Teddy Bears really did their duty! On one of those very rare occasions that our bear buddy was missing in action, search parties were sent out across the house,  sofas were moved, beds stripped and cars searched, all in vain until finally the lost teddy was found and returned to its rightful owner with the finesse of magicians assistant.

9. Our Teddies hold memories. 

Most things that we experienced in our younger years, we did with teddy by our side. If we went on holiday, we discovered it with teddy, when we met new family members, it was us who introduced teddy to them. Even now we just have to see our old teddy bears and we are taken back down memory lane to those carefree days.

10. Bear hugs are unconditional.

We may have dropped them, broken them, lost them, but at the end of the day our Teddy bear is our own.

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